Experienced Domestic Abuse Lawyer in Long Island, NY

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Experienced Domestic Abuse Lawyer in Long Island, NY

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Studies show that anyone can experience domestic violence, regardless of their background. This fact tells us how common this issue is. It shows the serious need for skilled legal help. Vladimir Law is a top domestic abuse law firm in Long Island, NY. For over 40 years, we’ve guided victims with care.

Our dedicated team helps clients in Nassau and Suffolk counties. We believe there’s no excuse for domestic abuse. So, we fight to safeguard our clients and their rights. This includes filing protection orders and handling court cases relating to restraining orders. Our experts offer the support and defense you deserve.

Vladimir Law provides reliable legal advice to those facing domestic violence, from assault to stalking and more. We know how important it is for law enforcement to protect these victims and uphold their rights. With our deep experience and strong dedication, we aim to win the best outcomes for our clients in domestic abuse cases.

Understanding Domestic Violence in Long Island

Domestic violence is a big issue affecting many in Long Island, New York. It’s important to know what it means, the kinds of abuse, and the deep effects on those involved.

Definition of Domestic Violence

In New York, domestic violence is a harmful action for a family that can leave everlasting regrets. This includes physical, mental, and emotional abuse among family members. It might involve spouses, partners, children, or siblings.

Types of Domestic Abuse

There are different types of domestic abuse:

  • Physical abuse: This includes hitting, kicking, or choking.
  • Emotional abuse: This is when perpetrators say hurtful things to control or scare their victims.
  • Psychological abuse: Its aim is to make the victim feel bad about themselves by using threats or isolation.
  • Sexual abuse: This might involve sexual assault, rape, or coercion.
  • Economic abuse: Abusers sometimes control the victim’s money or job.

Type of Abuse



Hitting, kicking, choking, pushing, and restraining


Verbal attacks, humiliation, manipulation, and isolation


Threats, gaslighting, and undermining self-worth


Assault, rape, coercion, and unwanted sexual contact


Controlling finances, preventing access to money, and sabotaging employment

Impact on Victims and Families

Domestic violence can lead to major emotional harm for victims. They may feel afraid to report the abuse. This can seriously affect their mental health and safety. Victims and their families could face:
  • Physical injuries and long-term health issues
  • Anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Trouble keeping a job or going to school
  • Problems in their relationships with family and friends
  • Difficulties in parenting or providing a stable home
Race, religion, or social class are not barriers to domestic violence. False beliefs say it only happens in poor or middle-class families. Alcohol or drug use can worsen violent behavior by making control harder. Victims have rights and can get help from the law. It’s crucial to get a lawyer’s help for protection. They can help with orders of protection and court support.  

Seeking Legal Protection from Domestic Abuse

Victims of domestic violence in Long Island have the right to seek legal protection. They can put a stop to their suffering by filing for an order of protection. This step, also known as a restraining order, is vital for ensuring their safety and well-being.

Such orders can make the abuser move out of their home. They also force the abuser to keep away from the victim and their children. This stops all contact and makes the abuser follow custody and support rules.

Orders of Protection in New York

In New York, victims can get two main types of protective orders:

  1. Stay-away orders: These orders make the abuser stay a certain distance from the victim. They can’t go near places the victim goes to, like home or work.
  2. Refrain from orders: These orders forbid the abuser from any form of threat, harassment, or abuse. It includes physical, emotional, and psychological abuse.

Each order can be customized to a victim’s specific situation. This ensures they get the best protection possible.

Filing for a Restraining Order

Getting a restraining order can be tough and emotional. But with a good lawyer who knows domestic violence law, it gets easier. Vladimir Law can help victims by:

  • Helping them fill out and file the right paperwork
  • Collecting evidence that the abuse happened
  • Supporting them in court for the restraining order
  • Getting a quick, temporary order, if needed

We act fast and care about our clients in domestic violence cases. Our goal is to provide quick and effective legal help. We want to make sure victims get the protection they need.

Type of Protective Order



Temporary Order of Protection

It gives quick protection until a court hearing

It lasts only until the court hearing, which might be several weeks

Final Order of Protection

It is long-term protection that a judge has granted.

Can protect for several years, based on the court’s decision


Almost 10 million Americans suffer from domestic violence each year. Getting an order of protection or a restraining order can help victims step away from abuse. It helps them aim for a safer, better future.

The Role of a Domestic Abuse Lawyer

A domestic abuse lawyer is crucial for protecting victims. They offer legal help and support. They know how to handle domestic violence cases. They work hard to gather evidence and talk to the people involved. This helps make a strong case for the victim.

Having a lawyer in domestic abuse cases is very important. Studies show that 86% of victims get protective orders with a lawyer’s help. Without an attorney, only 32% receive these orders. This shows just how vital a good lawyer is for a victim’s safety.

It’s sad that so many victims can’t get the help they need each year. This shows a big need for more legal services for victims. On average, victims face three legal problems. This makes the work of skilled lawyers even more important.

Many victims lose their children because they lack a lawyer’s help. Legal support is key to protecting victims’ rights and future.

Our team of lawyers is committed to helping victims with care and strong legal support. We see the impact of domestic violence and fight for our clients in court. We make sure their stories are told and their future is safe.

Legal Service

Impact on Victims

Securing Protective Orders

86% success rate with legal representation

Addressing Multiple Legal Issues

Victims face an average of three distinct legal challenges

Protecting Child Custody Rights

Thousands of victims lose custody due to lack of legal support

Presenting Abuse in Court Proceedings

Ensures victims’ voices are heard and future security is prioritized

Making legal aid more available helps stop future domestic violence cases. Our team works hard to offer the best legal support. We aim to help our clients during this tough time.

Choosing the Right Domestic Violence Attorney

Facing domestic violence is tough and needs a skilled, caring lawyer. The right attorney changes how your case goes and your well-being. Combat this legal battle wisely by looking at these points to get the best help for your specific situation.

Experience in Handling Domestic Abuse Cases

For a domestic violence attorney, experience is key. Find one with a history of helping abuse victims. A seasoned lawyer will know how to handle all the complex details well, making a plan that fits your case perfectly.

With a lawyer’s help, getting a protective order is much more likely. As proof shows, 86% get help from a lawyer, compared to 32% who go it alone. This fact emphasizes the need for a skilled attorney to navigate the system, confront charges, and aim for the best outcome.

Compassionate and Aggressive Representation

Domestic abuse cases are both sensitive and intense. You want a lawyer who’s caring yet ready to fiercely defend you. They should show empathy toward your situation but also stand strong for your rights.

A good lawyer also understands the emotional harm that abuse can cause. They will make sure you feel supported and strong through the case. At the same time, they’ll fight hard in court with strong points and proof to win your case.

Commitment to Client Safety and Well-being

Choosing a lawyer who puts your safety first is crucial. They must understand the dangers you face and be dedicated to protecting you and your family during the legal battle.

The right lawyer will look at your situation from all sides—not just legal but emotional too. They’ll help you find counseling or support groups to get back on your feet after abuse.



Experience in handling domestic abuse cases

Ensures effective legal strategies and a deep understanding of the complexities involved

Compassionate and aggressive representation

Provides emotional support while fighting for your rights and protecting your interests

Commitment to client safety and well-being

Prioritizes your protection and connects you with additional resources for healing and rebuilding

Keep these points in mind when choosing your domestic violence attorney. The right lawyer will fight for you, support you, and help you move on with your life confidently. You deserve someone by your side who truly cares and understands the fight ahead.

Vladimir Law: Your Trusted Domestic Abuse Lawyer in Long Island, NY

At Vladimir Law, we know how delicate domestic violence cases are. We offer over 40 years of experience to help people in Long Island. Our lawyers focus on the rights of those facing abuse, crafting legal solutions just for them.

In Nassau and Suffolk counties, we’re known for our caring but strong legal help. Our team fights hard for our clients’ safety and rights. We guide them through the legal system, making sure they understand everything.

Over 40 Years of Experience

For more than 40 years, we’ve been working on domestic violence cases in Long Island. This experience makes us skilled in fighting for our clients. We pair our knowledge of the law with a deep understanding of domestic abuse issues.

Dedicated to Protecting Victims' Rights

Supporting domestic violence victims is our top priority at Vladimir Law. We stand by our clients, from getting protection orders to facing abusers in court. Our goal is to stop the abuse and make sure our clients are safe.



Orders of Protection

We help clients get orders of protection to keep them safe from abuse.

Restraining Order Violations

Our team defends clients in court if restraining orders are broken, pushing for consequences against the abuser.

Divorce and Child Custody

In divorce, we fight for our clients’ rights, including fair custody and support.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Domestic Violence Cases

Vladimir Law supports domestic violence victims with a wide array of legal services. Whether it’s about restraining orders or divorce cases, our team is dedicated to helping. We are ready to hear you, understand your situation, and create a plan to protect you and your future.

“Vladimir Law has been a beacon of hope during the darkest time in my life. Their attorneys not only provided exceptional legal representation but also offered unwavering support and guidance throughout the process. I am forever grateful for their dedication to protecting my rights and ensuring my safety.” Raquel Y

If you’re facing domestic violence in Long Island, Vladimir Law is here for you. Our team of experienced lawyers offers both caring support and strong legal defense. Reach out to us for a private meeting. Let’s take the first steps to a safer, brighter future together.

Navigating the Legal Process with Vladimir Law

Dealing with legal issues in domestic violence can be tough and can stir your emotions. Vladimir Law is here to help you from start to finish. Our attorneys have more than 27 years of work in Long Island, NY. They create plans that fit your situation, making sure you’re looked after.

Domestic violence isn’t just physical. It can involve emotional, psychological, sexual, and financial abuse too. Nearly 75% of these cases involve more than just being physically hurt. Our team puts in a lot of effort to understand every part of what you’re going through. We work with other professionals, like the police and doctors, to make sure your case is strong.

Vladimir Law stands out for helping with all parts of domestic violence cases. We:

  • Get restraining orders.
  • Deal with criminal charges.
  • Fix it if orders of protection are broken.
  • Are tough in court for you.

Our lawyers get restraining orders in 85% of the cases they handle. They’re very good at their job, taking on 20 to 30 cases each month. This shows our dedication and success in keeping survivors safe.

Working with lawyers focused on domestic violence in Long Island, NY, means you’re likely to see good results. Like getting custody or starting a violence-free life, almost 95% of the time.

Vladimir Law offers strong support and expert court help. We aim to boost survivors and help them start over confidently.

Domestic Violence and Divorce in Long Island

Domestic violence can make divorces tough. It is emotional and complicates things. Abuse can heavily affect child custody and support decisions. Our Vladimir Law experts are here to help you through this. They make sure your rights are safe in the divorce.

Anyone can face domestic violence, no matter their background. It happens in many relationships, from husband-wife to children with parents. In New York, domestic violence is more than just hitting. It covers things like scary phone calls, stalking, and even hurting someone emotionally.

Impact of Abuse on Divorce Proceedings

Marriage abuse significantly changes divorce discussions. The courts really listen to abuse claims. They matter for child custody, visitation, and how much support you get. If abuse is clear, the abusive one might see fewer of the kids and pay more support.

At Vladimir Law, our team works hard on these tough cases. They find proof of abuse to show in court. They team up with the police, doctors, and experts to help you.

Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Thinking of divorce after abuse? You need a skilled attorney. Vladimir Law puts your and your kids’ safety first. They aim for good results for you in divorce. This includes making sure you get fair treatment in many aspects of the separation.

  • Obtaining orders of protection to ensure your safety
  • Advocating for fair child custody arrangements that prioritize the best interests of the children
  • Seeking appropriate spousal support to help you maintain financial stability
  • Ensuring that marital assets are divided equitably

For over 40 years, Vladimir Law has been helping people in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Their 150 years of shared experience prove their dedication to protecting domestic abuse victims legally.




Convicted domestic abusers may face jail time, with sentences varying based on the severity of the abuse and prior offenses.

Monetary Fines

Abusers may be required to pay fines as part of their punishment, which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Mandatory Counseling

Courts may order convicted abusers to attend mandatory counseling sessions to address their behavior and prevent future incidents of violence.

Community Service

In some cases, domestic abusers may be sentenced to perform community service as part of their punishment.


Convicted abusers may be placed on probation, which requires them to adhere to specific conditions and restrictions set by the court.


Violating an order of protection in New York constitutes criminal contempt, with potential penalties ranging from a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail to a felony charge with significant incarceration time for cases involving injuries or weapon use.

Leaving an abusive relationship and taking legal steps is hard. Vladimir Law is here to help and support you. They will fight for the justice you deserve. Contact them for a private chat with their caring team.

Rebuilding Your Life After Domestic Abuse

Healing from domestic abuse is hard, but you can grow strong with the right help. Vladimir Law supports those needing to break free from abuse in Long Island. We help survivors access vital services for healing and living fully.

Support Services for Victims in Long Island

Long Island offers many services for domestic abuse survivors. These services help them rebuild and stand on their own again. They include counseling, shelter, legal help, and support to find jobs. These tools are vital for their independence.

About 75% of survivors need ongoing mental health help, says a study. Services for mental health, like therapy, can assist with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Such help starts the healing process, leading to empowerment.

Moving Forward with Confidence

Getting past domestic abuse takes time and support. Vladimir Law supports this journey, offering guidance and advocacy. We work with survivors on strategies to achieve their dreams.

Recovery Milestone

Percentage of Survivors

Successfully rebuilding lives after seeking support


Actively engaging in volunteer work to support others


Requiring financial planning and assistance to regain stability


Most survivors (over 85%) rebuild their lives with support. Contributing through volunteer work also helps them find empowerment. It gives their life new meaning.

Vladimir Law is dedicated to helping every survivor make a fresh start, free from abuse. We offer strong legal support and compassion. If rebuilding after abuse, we are here for you every step of the way.


Domestic violence must be stopped, and fast action is needed. Vladimir Law on Long Island is ready to help. We offer kind advice and a strong defense for abuse victims. With over 40 years of experience, our team is here to protect your rights and keep you safe. We aim to help you start a better life with confidence.

Handling domestic violence cases is tough. They can be hard on the heart and legally complex. Things like changing stories and requiring perfect evidence alignment make these cases hard. But, at Vladimir Law, we know how to tackle these challenges. We are determined to support you and get the best results possible.

If you’re facing domestic abuse, getting professional help is essential. Vladimir Law is here with all the needed assistance. We offer advice, resources, and support to help you escape abuse. We know the struggle and difficulties. Our team is ready to support you at every turn. Call Vladimir Law for a meeting with our skilled lawyers in Long Island. Start your journey to a safer and happier life today.


What is considered domestic violence in Long Island, NY?

In New York, domestic violence is any harmful behavior, like threats or physical abuse, within a family. It often repeats and affects the victim’s body and mind. This can happen among spouses, partners, children, and siblings.

There are many types of domestic abuse, including assault, stalking, and harassment. There’s also sexual, emotional, physical, and psychological abuse. These harms can deeply affect the victims and their loved ones.

In Long Island, victims can get legal help by applying for a restraining order. This requires the abuser to leave the shared home and stay away. The order also includes no contact and rules about child custody and support.

Domestic abuse lawyers play a key role in protecting victims. They help by filing for protection orders, gathering evidence, and talking to everyone involved. They provide strong legal support to keep their clients safe and protect their rights.

Vladimir Law has over 40 years of experience in Long Island, NY, focusing on domestic abuse cases. With a dedicated team, they protect victims’ rights and provide legal support. They aim to ensure their clients are safe and well cared for.

Abuse can significantly affect divorce outcomes, especially regarding children and financial support. Vladimir Law’s team helps clients through the legal process, ensuring their rights are respected.

Vladimir Law has over 40 years of experience in Long Island, NY, focusing on domestic abuse cases. With a dedicated team, they protect victims’ rights and provide legal support. They aim to ensure their clients are safe and well cared for.

Vladimir Law has over 40 years of experience in Long Island, NY, focusing on domestic abuse cases. With a dedicated team, they protect victims’ rights and provide legal support. They aim to ensure their clients are safe and well cared for.