Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Life can be extremely challenging, and sometimes drifting with the wrong crowd or finding yourself in an unfortunate situation that may lead to criminal charges is very real. While criminal law is there to ensure that individuals who commit a crime and disobey the law are punished, as an American you should know your rights if you are accused of a crime.

This is where our specialties at Vladimir and Associates come into play, and we can help fight your case if you find yourself in this position.

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What is Criminal Law?

Criminal law is a system put in place by the government or ruling law of a country or state. This is to ensure that the citizens who reside in it are able to live in peace with one another each day. Crime comes in many forms such as damaging and endangering property, life, health, and moral well-being of people.

Every state is different and each has their own method of punishment for the crimes committed by an offender.  Some punishment methods could include time in jail, community service, and others can include evaluating the accuser’s state of mind in a few sessions of therapy.

Make Informed Decisions

Your ability to make informed decisions increases the likelihood that your case will be successfully resolved.

We will consult you regarding all the important choices that need to be made in your case. After thorough consultation, you will have the final word on some of the most important decisions that you are about to make.

You will be in the best position to decide important matters only after you completely understand the benefits and risks of each available course of action.

We will spend a lot of time discussing, in light of the law, how different situations might play out.

How will the prosecutor attempt to prove the case against you? How will I defend you? Should you testify before the Grand Jury? Should you testify at trial? What are the benefits and risks of going to trial? What are the benefits and risks of pleading guilty? If you reject an offer, what is the likelihood that you will receive a worse offer in the future? What is the likelihood that you will receive a better offer?

With a full understanding of the law, you will be best positioned to make important decisions regarding your case.